In English

Important Transcultural Themes

There are 9500 residents from foreign countries in Central Finland. For everyone it is very important to receive information, care and counselling on ones native language.

We should develop the understanding of different cultures in social- and health care services. The cultural issues affect to many areas of health and wellbeing.

We need more nurses and social workers from different countries and cultures to Central Finland.

General Goals of My Campaign

Who am I ?

My name is Johanna Heikkilä, candidate 553. I am a 58-year-old registered nurse, teacher, and researcher with PhD. At JAMK University of Applied Sciences, I have also worked as a principal lecturer, quality manager and development director. In Central Finland, I have experience of numerous projects that have improved social, health and rescue services. Nationwide, I have been developing advanced roles for nurses, master’s degree program, and nurse prescribing. For the past 8 years, I have been developing nursing and nursing education in Kazakhstan. Through my working and developing health care system in other cultures I have learned many issues that we should take into account.

I have not been involved in politics in the past, but this situation has made me wake up to the fact that we now need the ability to think as a whole and to make connections so that these decisions become sustainable and lead to equality of services throughout the region without forgetting people. The danger is that costs will get out of hand and that governance will be built and not better services will be built. I think I have the kind of expertise that would be needed for this. That is why I have run for the regional election on the Kokoomus list, number 553.

General on the County elections

The first ever county elections are conducted in Finland in January 2022 to elect a county council for each wellbeing services county.

Until now, municipalities have been responsible for organizing health, social and rescue services, but in future, this responsibility will be assumed by the wellbeing services counties.

The wellbeing services counties are autonomous, and the highest decision-making power in each county will be exercised by a county council.

There will be chose 69 members to the Central Finland wellbeing services county council.

By voting in the county elections, you can have a say on who will decide on important matters that concern everyone’s daily life.

The councilors will decide on the organization of local services in the wellbeing services counties as of the beginning of 2023.